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Cavy Rescue Organizations

escue organization are designed to save animals from being euthanized. Many are volunteer organizations which have little funding and less support or publicity. Many of the "organizations" are, in fact, a single individual. Most volunteers are pet owners or breeders who have such an affection for the animal specie(s) that they cannot allow any to be killed needlessly. Many also try to create some means of educating the public in proper pet care and responsibilities.

On this page I have listed the cavy rescuers that I know of. At the House Rabbit Society's page is a list of rabbit rescues. Visit them, or contact any of the groups below; they may help you (yes you!) get the idea that you could be a rescuer too. But recognize that this is, unfortunately, a thankless job. The hours are long, the pay is terrible and your only reward is when you get a piggie kiss from one of the little ones that you've saved.

Rescue Organizations

Organization NameAddressPhonee-mail Address
Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue (Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.)Northern VirginiaNot givenJudi
Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue26515 Apollo Street NE
Stacy, MN 55079
(612) 444-6270-voice
(612) 444-3714-Fax
Best Little Rabbit, Rodent & Ferret House14325 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 365-9105Sandi
The Home for Unwanted and Abandoned Guinea Pigs
Atlanta, GA
Not givenHome
Dallas County Cavy Rescue9539 Circlewood,
Dallas TX 75217
(972) 557-6151Melissa
Guinea Pig Rescue of AustinP.O. Box 3405
Austin TX 78764-3405
(512) 443-9650Kelly
Heartland Cavy RescueKansas City KS Area(913) 422-4175Lutricia
or HCR
Guinea Pig Adoption NetworkGPAN WebSitenoneGPAN
Cavy Rescue InternationalP.O.Box 405
Minot MA
Not givenShanClan
The Warren House Rabbit Sanctuary and Guinea Pig Rescue1045 Pennoyer Avenue
Grand Haven, Michigan 49419
(616) 844-6139Jackie
The Critter CorralPO Box 291
Steger, Illinois
(708) 709-0917 Pooler's
Utah Cavy Breeders Association (UCBA)None(801) 967-1563Merrill
Mrs. G's Guinea Pig Rescue22824 Myrtle Drive
Eagle River AK 99577
(907) 694-4262Julie
Cavy Haven Guinea Pig Rescue & AdoptionAbbotsford B. C.
Western Canada
Not GivenSherri
Bakersfield Guinea Pig RescueBakersfield CA(661) 834-7121Kerri
Cavy Care Inc. 4343 S. Jasper St.
Aurora CO 80015-4425
(303) 693-4630 or
Fax: (303) 699-8744
Cavy CompanionsBellevue, Washington(425) 226-4987Mary


The young pup and the older dog lay on shaded sweet grass watching the reunions. Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes a whole family would approach the Rainbow Bridge, be greeted by their loving pets and cross the bridge together.

The young pup playfully nipped at the older one. "Look! Something wonderful is happening!" The older dog stood up and barked, "Quickly. Get over to the path."

"That's not my owner," whined the pup, but he did as he was told.

Thousands of pets surged forward as a figure in white walked on the path toward the bridge. As the glowing figure passed each animal, that animal bowed it's head in love and respect. The figure finally approached the bridge, and was met by a menagerie of joyous animals. Together, they all walked over the bridge and disappeared.

The young pup was still in awe. "Was that an angel?" he whispered.

"No, son." The older dog replied. "That was more than an angel. That was a person who worked rescue."

Here is information from Lee, who has been running the Home for Unwanted Cavies for 16 years.

How to Start a Guinea Pig Rescue
How to Adopt Out a Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig Release Form
Guinea Pig Adoption Application
Guinea Pig Adoption Contract
Landlord Letter
Guinea Pig Foster Home Contract
My web site also contains these pages: Outline of Guinea Pig Care
Where (Not) to Get a Guinea Pig
Children and Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig Overpopulation and How to Find a Home for Yours
Guinea Pigs in the Classroom
I hope that by use of these adoption materials, more people may help unwanted and abandoned, homeless guinea pigs find permanent, loving, humane homes through responsible rescue and adoption.
- Lee, Director,
The Home for Unwanted and Abandoned Guinea Pigs

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