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Second New England Pignic! Sept 28 1997

ell we had a wonderful time again, with many new faces and a whole host of familiar faces in attendance. The weather wasn't quiet as pleasent as before, initially overcast and feeling a bit chill, it eventually warmed up and then began to look like a major rain storm just before we left. But, in between, we all had a very good time. This first page is made up of pictures taken by Penny's husband Lou. He got drafted to do the dirty work because he considers our little darlings to be nothing but large rats! The nerve of some people!

We had a contest, something like a show would have been, but the categories were hardly ACBA approved. Maybe it is just as well that Steve couldn't attend this picnic!

As always, the pigs were the driving force, but the humans did the driving. Our attendees were from NYC, Albany NY, Boston MA, and almost every point in between. A good representation of breeds and slaves were present, from a young and shy 12 year old to old crusties like Dale and Joe. (Not to mention a few non-pig people like Lou!) We added several new faces and missed some "old-timers" from the first pignic. Sorry gang, you missed a really fun afternoon. In the course of the afternoon we had some excitement, when some bachalor boys got a bit rowdy, and when a little girl was soooo small she fit between the wires in the girls' cage. Both situations got handled with a minimum of trouble.

Initially, it looked like it would be a very small group. Penny and Lou showed up first, than Betsy and Dale, finally Dee and Joe arrived. When we first got there there was the usual, "Oh, so that's what that pig looks like! I guess your GPDD description left out the part about the cute nose!"

For some time that six was all, then, about 12:30, a lot of people began to arrive and it began to look like a red mob! Nearly everyone arrived with their little piggens in various cages. New and different pigs brought by "old" people. New pigs and people arrived. Heidi arrived with her new little ones (Shelly apparently was on her best behavior for the pignic; I guess she can be a bit of a brat at times.). What a scene. Everyone had brought their lunch, and about 2:30 we all stopped to eat. This, of course, set off a chorus of "WHEEEK WHEEEK, feed us we're starving!" So all the pigs got treats as well.

Here we have "old timers" Joe and Dee on the left welcoming Amy and her son Joe, turns out they brougt Calvin and Hobbes to enjoy the company of all the little pigs. Joe and Dee not only brought Taffy and Tribbles, but their little daughter. She wasn't named yet, in fact, they weren't even sure of her gender. However, once she was sexed, young Joe suggested a great name that stuck: Tasha! Tasha now lives with Sharon in Rhode Island, along with Cinny Jr. Oreo and some girls who's names I forget (someone get me some ginkoba!). Little Tasha had a little beanie baby lion in her cage to keep her company, no one got a picture of that.

Ray brought along some pens for the gang to play in, wisely bringing one for the boys and one for the girls! The boys did fairly well, I think most of them were so astonished at being on grass, having others to play with and having that really big sky over them, they didn't know what to do! Some discovered the joy of Plantain (a broad leaf weed) and commenced to make pigs of themselves, most of them just wandered around in a tight group, sniffing all the new pigs. "Where did you come from?" "I'm from Boston, how about you?" Over in the girls cage, they tended to do much of the same and also found the towel to be a great place to hide. Many of the pen pictures are on the next page.

This is Sheralee with Sketch, it isn't obvious in the picture but Sketch is purple! Not seriously so, just a little, and he smelled of grape koolaid, I guess Sheralee didn't get the message about "adulterated" pigs! Sketch rooms with the nefarious Oliver P. Squeek. I guess the influence of such a "free spirit" would cause him to dye his hair, some of the other guys caught a whiff of him, he will never lived this one down! "Hay Sketch you smell like a grape! Chomp!" Oh the shame!

While Sketch was being embarrassed by all the other pigs, Oliver, the nefarious leader of the ERC, was wandering around taking pictures. I'll assume he plans to use the pictures to train his storm troops in how to incapacitate humans when the cavies take over (paranoid? NAHHH, Just remember, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't actually out to get you!). At some point he'll probably publish the pictures, so humans, watch his site!

Of course no picnic would be complete without much milling about and general socializing. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time in spite of the fact that it was a bit cool and overcast.Meeting more new people from the digest is always fun, and meeting many of their pigs is also fun! Everone brought food, pigs and ideas on care and cuddling. Some of the homes were very imaginitive. Heidi had a kind of hammock made out of oven mitts for the two little adorables of hers to sit on, of course they spent most of their time either being held or hiding. Pigs just don't adjust well to change, do they?

Here is Penny, wearing the great P-Shirts that she got made for all of us, holding Mr. Black Forest in her left hand and Raspberry Torte in her right. Just writing that is making my mouth water! She named all her boys after desserts and all her girls after candy. So if you have any ideas I'm sure she'd love to hear them. After all, everyone's suggestions is how Penny got up to 20 adjectives in my sig file (don't you just love long sigs?). Anyway, Penny the human does Teddy breeds, and they are so adorable. Mr. B, as Black Forest is known as, is the expedition leader from New England for the Ski Trip to Steamboat Springs. (I've heard rumors that Sinterklaas may show up, afterall, it is "Steamboat.")

This is John, he belongs to Sharon, he is apparently not much of a pig person, although he did have on a P-Shirt.Or maybe he's shy? He was good hearted enough to come to the Picnic so he gets his picture on the page! Hi John! Now wasn't that painless? Next time we'll spend some time visiting with him.

The final two pictures are our attempts at a group picture, we made Lou take the pictures (that's what happens when you're not a pig person.).

Ray's pictures from the Pignic are on page two. These are of some of the pigs as well as the people who attended the pignic. We had a good time and plan to have another pignic sometime in May 1998.

All photographs copyright © 1997 by Penny Christopher, used by permission.
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