Guinea Pig Icon everal of the owners and breeders have created fliers and brochures to introduce new owners to the joys of owning a cavy. Julia Watts in Canada created the first. Second is from Janice Bennett, who usually writes romance novels (kinda shows in her title.). Christy has provided the third. In addition, Seagull has a great section on Guinea Pig Care; this guide is also in a zipped file that you can download. Helen has also provided a short guide for our use. The Saratoga County 4-H group, called Fur Balls in Action, created an eight page brochure. With the permission of the Fur Balls leader I've converted the brochure to a PDF file. I've also converted the brochure to a trifold, if you want something smaller to give out. These require the Acrobat Reader to show and print.

Each information sheet has its strengths and weaknesses, chose the one that fits your personality and use it to give to pet stores or adopters for your rescue efforts.

Eventually I will be creating a lesson plan for presentation at pet shops. Hopefully this will be before any of us die of old age! (How do I get involved in too many things? Have got to learn to say NO!) This will be developed with a lady who is a cub scout leader, so she isn't any less busy than I am!

Many people have indicated that they aren't sure what a sound means, so here's a site that should help! Mike and his family have put together a great site filled with sounds. Go have a listen. caviary: Home

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