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URLs of Guinea Pig Habitat Photos Located on the Internet

he following web pages contain photos of habitats for pet guinea pigs. This list is simply a compilation of web sites and is not an endorsement of any of the pages or the information contained on them. After you view the living arrangements that others have provided for their pet guinea pigs, it is hoped that you will be able to successfully choose a special living arrangement that best suits your needs as well as your guinea pig's. When a person's name appears and has a number after it, it is to indicate another page from the same person within that grouping. They may not refer to the same page as indicated in a previous listing.

Commercial Cages (Modified):

Exercise Pens:

Free-Roaming-Guinea-Pig Habitats:

Guinea-Pig-and-Rabbit Setup (Separate Quarters):

Habitat Needs (General Information):

Hideaway Houses:


Neat Ideas® Cubes and Creative Cubes Cages:

Neat Ideas® Cubes and Creative Cubes Pens:

Organizational Shelving:



Outdoor Playgrounds:

Recycled Furniture:

Storage Boxes:

Underbed Storage Boxes:

Wading Pool:

Wading Pool with Exercise Pen:

Wooden Structures:

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