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n original page of terms can be found at: Dictionary of Guinea Pig Terms The users of the Guinea Pig Daily Digest have also come up with several terms which are used to describe various aspects of the life of our pets. These refer to particular actions or sounds that our pets have developed.
A contented sound made by a pig sitting on your lap, will cause your blood pressure to drop at least 10 points!
Silly Piggen
Term used to describe a guinea pig acting particularly silly, as when they run when you try to give them a choice treat.
Rippley Kiss
Descibes the gentle little kisses that some Guinea Pigs give on the nose of their slave, named in honor of Rippley, a particularly loving pig. Usually given when pig knows owner is not happy.
Guinea Pig Owner
See Slave.
Doing a Muffin
Eating like Muffin, inhaling a yogurt drop in one chomp instead of breaking it in half to eat like most piggies.
Dinner Plate
What many sows look like just before they finally have their litter.
Sleeping style where pig shortens the body so it looks like a small powder puff with a face; usually only Abbies and Teddies can do this.
Jellybean or Bean
Sleeping style where pig lies on its side in the shape of a jellybean; generally only shorthairs can do this one.
Sleeping style where pig lies on fat little tummy and looks like a round pat, a near perfect hemisphere!
Sound a pig makes that is in "investigative mode" general sound while out on the floor.
Sleeping style where pig lies curled into the shape of a "C," been seen in both side and belly sleeping.
A human being who is responsible for providing for every whim of their Guinea Pig, sometimes confused into thinking they are in charge. When is the last time you saw a GP get a human a tasty treat when the human whistled?
Yubb Spot
That particular spot that a GP loves having rubbed, it returns the favor by nibbling at what ever is in front of its face! Named for Yubb, a premier nibbler
Sign of great joy. Pig runs around making happy be-doop sounds than suddenly leaps straight up in the air, squeeling, may turn in mid air, lands and flashes.
Guinea Pig moving very fast!
When a GP lies quietly in the arms of the owner while the owner pets it and talks baby talk to it, telling it how pretty (handsome) it is [like it doesn't already know this!].
Sound made by Guinea Pig, reserved for humans, to indicate that they know the human is near some wonderful food like lettuce or carrots or parsley (oh my!) and that the human should bring the piggen some right now!
Fuzzy Sharks
What a Guinea Pig must look like to a sweet baby carrot as it attacks and devours it without the least bit of remorse!
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