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Christmas Ornaments for Guinea Pigs

uinea pigs' cuteness should also be seen on our Christmas trees! Therefore I've added several links and items for everyone to generate their own ornaments or to give as gifts. So to start with, here is a picture and directions from Penny C on how to make little felt ornaments for your tree.

Then there are the crossstitch piggies and directions that Kelly W came up with.

And, we can't forget Jerri's stain-glass/painted glass ornaments!

Lori Hudson also makes stained glass ornaments, and garden stones that could be used to mark the graves of our departed little ones. Lori can be contacted at The stained glass cavies are $5 for a 2.5"x5" suncatcher (tree ornament) and the garden stone (5"x9" rectangle) is $12, the garden stones are sealed so they can be used as a grave marker as well. They look really nice on the flier I have. Lori writes there"
To Order: Send me a note or an e-mail message indicating which item you would like and give a color number. On any items but garden stones, figure 20% shipping. On the garden stones, figure $6.00 per stone shipping (they are very heavy as they are made of cast cement). Please make your check or money order payable to Lori Hudson and send it to me via U.S. Mail. I cannot take credit card orders. shipping: Anything except the garden stones can be made and shipped within a week. garden stones take longer (up to two weeks) because the glass has to be cut, then the stones have to be poured and set, then sealed.

Colors Available: For garden stones, eyes are always black.

  1. White with pink eye
  2. white with black eye
  3. black with silver (diamond color) eye
  4. Dark brown with silver (diamond color) eye
  5. Golden beige with black eye
  6. golden beige with pink eye
  7. dutch - golden beige/white/golden beige - black eye
  8. broken color - black body, one white, one brown spot - silver eye
  9. broken color - golden beige body, two white spots - black eye
  10. Broken color - white body, one black, one brown spot - black eye

Stuffed Piggies by Penny!Penny also makes wonderful (I got two for gifts) stuffed cavies. She charges $15 plus $3 shipping to anywhere in the USA. If you contact her ( she could tell you how much for out of the continental USA. As you can see from the pigture they are really nice looking, in addition she has the little ear tag that a show pig would have, and there is a little tag on the rump indicating that it is made by Penny and her daughter. And they have a lovely certificate indicating their "pedigree" information, the write-up is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. Real collector's items!

And of course, what Christmas festivities would be complete without Carols? So we have for your reading and singing enjoyment!
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