Guinea Pig Icon ousing a cavy is very important, since this is where they will spend a lot of their time. If the housing is inadequate or not properly maintained it can lead to illness in your cavy. Several questions should be dealt with before getting or replacing a cage:
  1. How many animals, of what gender, do I need to house?
  2. What do I do if they don't get along, or if a new cavy upsets the "pecking order?"
  3. What if I have a "surprise" and decide to keep some of the pups?
  4. Do I want the cavy to have free access to a room, or confine him/her to a cage?
  5. Will I be able to allow the cavy ample exercise outside of the cage? Or will the cage have to be it's only area of access?
  6. Where will I locate the housing unit?
  7. Do I want it to blend into an existing decor or will the animal(s) be in a different area from "guests" to my home?
  8. How easy must it be to clean, do I have medical reasons for making it easier to clean?
  9. How handy am I with a hammer, saw and other tools? Or do I have a friend who is handy?
Once you have an idea of what you want or where you want it. Here are some ideas: Hopefully these will help you in your thinking. In addition Kelly has a catalog page where various company's catalogs are identified and the phone number for them is included.

Since this is a critical part of the health and well being of your animal, please take the time to get it mostly right the first time. (I've made several modifications to the Main Caviary, and working on a new Boys' Dorm, since some of the guys seem to need a lot of space!)

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