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uinea Pigs should never have cedar as bedding. The aromatic oils that we love to smell can cause respiratory or liver damage to our cavies. This has been shown to be fatal! Pine is also not recommended for the same reason, just not as severe. So what do you do? The following companies provide save products that you can use for your Guinea Pigs bedding. Many of these products can be found in good chain pet stores or can be ordered directly from the company.

CareFRESH, Absorption Corporation
Wood pulp fibers too short to make paper processed to the appearance and texture of shredded egg cartons.

Eco-Bedding, RanPak Corporation
Thin crinkled strips of kraft paper (brown paper one grade below grocery bags). Recyclable even with animal waste.

Gentle Touch Litter, Gentle Touch Corporation
These pellets made from aspen wood are very absorbent and excellent at controlling odor.

Critter Country, Mountain Meadow Pet Products, Inc.
The company claims that these pellets made from wheat grass actually prevent the formation of ammonia.

Bio-Flush, Ampro Industries Inc.
Pellets made from recycled newspaper printed only with soy ink. Contains a natural, safe odor control agent.

Yesterday's News, Canbrands International Ltd.
Pellets made from recycled newspaper with an odor absorbing ingredient. Comes in regular pellets, and softer texture pellets.

In addition, you can use aspen shavings or corncob bedding. These are not as absorbent as the above but are also natural materials that do not harm the cavy. Most of these products are biodegradable, as are cavy wastes, so you can clean out the caviary and add some great materials to your compost pile in the process. caviary: Home

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